Is biowaste a cost or
income for you?

Is a biowaste a cost or income for you?

FimusKraft Bioenergy Plant (FKBP) system converts your biowaste expenditures into incomes and reduces your carbon footprint. In addition to bioenergy the system produces high-quality bio-fertilizers and valuable raw materials for pharma, food & beverage, and chemical industries. FimusKraft’s revolutionary technology makes biogas faster, much more, and with smaller investment costs than existing bio-fermenters.

With the slogan “Electrifying Biowaste” FimusKraft wants to bring out that we should look at the biowaste as an opportunity rather than a problem. FKBP preserves both the environment and your money by converting your biowaste into energy (W2E) and other beneficial side products! FKBP is founded on a sustainable circular economy!


How does our Bioenergy Plant work?

Biowaste represents a great source of green energy and biogas is the result of a biofermentation process. FimusKraft supplies a modular, continuously operating and fully automated bioenergy plant, that allows for cost-effective valorisation of biowaste into electricity, heat, and organic fertilizer through a revolutionary 3-step biofermentation process. Biowaste producers can utilize the biogas, or make heat and electricity to their needs or even sell the electricity to the public grid.

Who would benefit on FKBP?

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What makes FimusKraft Bioenergy Plant different?

Our technology achieves the FIFO (first in first out) principle, ensuring that the stay time of the feedstock in the biofermenter is the same for all the biowaste particles and also it shortens the stay time by 65 %. The optimized stay time allows to maximize the amount of produced biogas.

FKBP allows different kind of biowaste to be fermented separately or in combination, thanks to its structure with separated fermentation tanks and the horizontal design. The flexible use of feedstock allows to optimize the biogas energy potential and to change the composition and quality of the final product, fertilizer. There can also be added more models to the initial system to scale-up the biogas production.

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What is biogas?

Biogas is a renewable and sustainable energy source that is produced through the analysis of organic matter such as food waste, animal manure, agricultural waste, and sewage in the absence of oxygen.

FimusKraft is a ”Seal of Excellence” company of the European Innovation Council