FimusKraft Bioenergy Plant

Make money with your biowaste at lower costs

Save space and cost up to 50% smaller size

Start operating even in less than 6 months

Easy operation with fully automated process control

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Acting Inside The Box Is Thinking Outside The Box

Our products produces bioenergy more and faster than the traditional methods of biofermenting. Generally the modular design enables easy and inexpensive scaling up to meet the different needs.

Scalable Container-Based Modular Bioenergy Plant for Any Requirement!

From farm size to industrial scale

Scale your bioenergy plant easily

Our Bioenergy Technology Helps You Get Benefits Beyond Biogas!

Biowaste represents a great source of green energy and biogas is the result of a bio-fermentation process. FimusKraft supplies a modular, continuously operating and fully automated bioenergy plant that allows for cost-effective valorization of biowaste into electricity, heat, and organic fertilizer through a revolutionary horizontal bio-fermentation process.

Biowaste producers can utilize the biogas, or make heat and electricity to their needs or even sell the electricity to the public grid.

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FimusKraft Bioenergy Plant Serves The Needs Of All Biowaste Producers


Livestock Farming

Food And Beverage Industry


Wastewater Treatment Plants

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FimusKraft Ltd – Beyond Biogas

FimusKraft is a cleantech start-up company working in the areas of biotechnology and circular economy. Our products reduce or eliminate carbon footprints. We also produce bioenergy and circular economy raw materials from various kinds of biowaste sources. FimusKraft is the European Innovation Committee’s “Seal of Excellence” company.

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