Bioenergy day 24.10.2022

FimusKraft had an honour to be one of the sponsors at the Bioenergy day in Tampere-talo 24.10.2022 which was organized by The Bioenergy Association of Finland. The event focused on energy aspects for the coming winters. The event included many fascinating presentations and seminar talks from the specialists of bioeconomy.

During the day there were many interesting discussions about future energy solutions, the politics of bioenergy, biofuel markets and different mass and energy flows of biorefineries. What an inspiring day!

FimusKraft´s modular design enables easy and inexpensive scaling up to meet the different needs. The system is able to process various types of biowaste to efficiently produce electricity, heat and fertilizer. Read more about our technology

Bioenergy day and seminar speeches
The event included many fascinating presentations.

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