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FimusKraft´s innovative technology was presented in Kauppalehti Optio Menestyksen tekijät appendix. Biowaste is a great source of bioenergy, biofuel and biofertilizer for example. Biowaste should not be considered as a waste and cost but as a source of energy and opportunity. The future biotechnology of FimusKraft has a positive carbon footprint. FimusKraft´s biogas plant consider biowaste as an income instead of a cost. Our modular design can be scaled up with the customer´s needs and every module produces 30 kW of electricity and 60 kW of heat generally. The modules have quick installation and there are no maintenance brakes in action. Our solution turns posible environmental pollution into a revenue stream by means of a circular economy.

FimusKraft´s microbiological and modern top technology has received the highly appreciated Seal of Excellence recognition from the European Innovation Council.

“We bring the processing of biowaste masses to a completely new level. The environment friendly bacteria used in our processes work for the benefit of the mother Earth,” highlights Koivunen.

FimusKraft also process with the zero fiber emissions and the heavy metals of the old pulp industry. Zero fiber can be found for example from the bottom of the lakes. Through our biotechnic process the zero fiber can be converted into a very special fertilizer, soil conditioner and bioenergy with a positive income and carbon footprint which is much more cost-effective and modern solution than traditional methods of lifting it up and burning it with much higher environmental emissions.

Kakkako jätettä? Ei, vaan oiva energian ja lämmön lähde. 10/2022. Kauppalehti Optio Menestyksen tekijät. Appendix page 4. Read the article here (in Finnish)

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FimusKraft in Menestyksen tekijät publication

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