MEE 2023 event overview

MEE 2023 event

MEE 2023 event was very successful for FimusKraft and for new collaborations. Many interested customers and potential partners visited the FimusKraft stand in the Middle East Energy, MEE 2023 event in Dubai World Trade Centre 7.-9.3.2023.

The discussions with the visitors were very fruitful for the next steps to work on further. The visitors were especially interested in a different way of producing bioenergy and also the efficient biogas plant operating on the FiFO (first in first out) principle.

MEE 2023 event

FimusKraft is very glad overall the event and is enthusiastic to develop and bring efficient and innovative bioenergy solutions to global markets.

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What makes FimusKraft Bioenergy Plant different? 

Our biotechnology achieves the FIFO (first in first out) principle, ensuring that the stay time of the feedstock in the biofermenter is the same for all the biowaste particles. And also it shortens the stay time by 65 %. The optimized stay time allows to maximize the amount of produced biogas.

FKBP allows different kind of biowaste to be fermented separately or in combination. So let´s give thanks to its structure with separated fermentation tanks and the horizontal design. The flexible use of feedstock allows to optimize the biogas energy potential. And also to change the composition and quality of the final product, fertilizer. There can also be added more models to the initial system to scale-up the biogas production.

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