Make your biowaste profitable with FimusKraft!

Using biomass as a raw material is sustainable circular economy. There are many valuable things and benefits which you can get out from your biowaste. With FimusKraft’s revolutionary technology you can make it profitably. Read more about the benefits below!

What do you get out of your biowaste with FKBP?


FKBP produces biogas more efficiently than traditional bio-fermenters.

FKBP produces biogas with energetic efficiency close to fossil natural gas. Current methods of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) produces biogas with much lower energy efficiency. FKBP combines biogas fermentation with an innovative modular boostering unit (MBU). MBU allows to obtain biogas with 30-50 % higher energetic efficiency than current AD.

Electricity – produce electricity for your own needs

FKBP produces electricity efficiently for example for lightning and charging your machines. Produced bio-electricity can be used in your plant or farm, or sold to local grid. Each FKBP module produces about minimum 30 kW bio-electricity.


The process produces heat that can be used in processes or warming buildings. Each FKBP module produces minimum 60 kW heat.

Fertilizer – nutrient rich bio-fertilizer

Fermentation process is changing the biowaste to nutrient rich bio-fertilizer, high in nitrogen. Further processing the sludge after fermentation produces high quality bio-fertilizer both solid and liquid form. You can use the GHG-free bio-fertilizer in food production, feed cultivation or cultivation of vegetables and cereals or sell it.

Valuable raw-materials

In some dedicated biowaste it is possible to get raw materials for food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Avoidance of the gate fee

Save your money by avoiding gate fee’s for carrying the biowaste to dump yards.

Reduction of carbon footprint

Reduction of carbon footprint, and avoidance of GHG emissions. Also possible usage of CO2: boostering vegetable production in Greenhouses & possibility of capturing the CO2 and have it bottled.

Other benefits

Easy installation

FKBP modules are very compact and can be installed in 2 – 6 weeks (including FKBP testing and users training). It is also easy to scale up when biowaste amounts grow. MBU (Modular Boostering Unit) can be easily integrated in existing biogas plants to upgrade them with FKBP key technology.

Low investment costs

The compact modular design of FKBP require  25-40 % lower investment costs than traditional methods (AD).

Short payback time

Todays Biogas systems are investments with a long payback, usually around 10 year sand over. The payback time of the FKBP investment is about 3-9 years (depending on the local electricity tariff price).

Less smell

The fermented biowaste product is environmentally friendly sludge, which can be used as it is or composted. It also has remarkably less smell.

No production breaks

Modular design and wide usage of proven automatization makes process top reliable and need of minimized manpower.

Short fermentation process

The technical design of the FKBP bio-fermenter allows the optimized feedstock usage and sludge flow that makes the fermentation process faster and more economical.