FimusKraft biogas plant

FimusKraft Biogas Plant (FKBP) gives you a possibility to turn the biowaste cost effectively into bio-energy, electricity and heat. Furthermore see the possible products here.

As side products you will get ecological high-quality organic fertilizer.

All in all with some dedicated bio-waste you will be able to receive valuable raw materials for food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

FimusKraft Biogas Plant
The process of the FimusKraft Biogas Plant

Compact modular design

Generally the modular design enables easy and inexpensive scaling up to meet the different needs.

FimusKraft supplies a continuously operating and fully automated biogas plant that has been scaled up according to the needs especially. The automatic, on-line gas content analyzer is included. Generally each module produces 30 kW electricity and 60 kW heat. And further the fertilizer product is environmentally friendly, nutrient-rich compost, high in nitrogen. In fact the modules are very compact, the whole package is installed in 2,5 containers.

FKBP module as one of t he products
FimusKraft Biogas Plant module

High energy output

FimusKraft biogas plant can be a stable electricity source for other power plants, e.g. solar or wind power networks. The modules can be installed quickly anywhere. In fact the investment is low and the module is high in local content. It can also be very local, when no energy is needed to waste in transporting of waste materials. Surely the electricity production can also be stand-alone off the grid. Therefore even wireless operation is possible. Learn more about our technology here

Benefits of the FimusKraft biogas plant:

Low investment and operating costs
Quick installation
Easy and inexpensive scaling up
Easy to use: continuously operated, fully automated and remotely monitored
The biological and fermentation process ensures a high-quality fertilizer product
Cost-effective and compact reactor structures
A small land area needed
All maintenance work can be carried out from outside of the reactor
High energy output
Wide range of suitable raw materials