Fimuskraft has a profitable business solution to all the biowaste producers. Have a look FimusKraft´s bioenergy applications below!

Green energy

Today we are facing several and serious environmental problems and challenges. Some of these problems are energy production with high carbon footprint, increasing energy prices, growing needs of fertilizers and waste filled dump-yards. Generally environmental regulations and eco-trends are important to take accont. Challenges in biowaste treatment process are increasing energy prices, increasing fertilizer prices and gate fees of the waste treatment plant.

In EU there is produced approximately 700 million tons of biowaste annually all in all. There is a lack of effective way to recycle biowaste. The current standard technology for biowaste valorization is anaerobic digestion (AD), which has many issues too. For example issues like centralized treatment in linear economy, high investment costs, complex installation, long bio-fermentation process and low energetic efficiency.

Fimuskraft has a profitable business solution to all these challenges. Our biowaste treatment is a real circular economy, it produces green energy and other organic products. With FimusKraft you can reduce CO2 emissions and your carbon footprint overall. FimusKraft supplies a continuously operating and fully automated bioenergy plant, that allows for cost-effective valorisation of biowaste into electricity, heat, and organic fertilizer through a revolutionary 3-step bio-fermentation process. Read more on FimusKraft´s bioenergy plant solution.

Biowaste represents a great source of green energy indeed. Biowaste may be a challenge because of the gate fees and transportation costs. You may need an intermediate storage for the biowaste, which requires space and is causing bad smell too. New environmental regulations give strickt rules on biowaste treatment all in all.

FimusKraft bioenergy plant makes it easier to take care of the biowaste locally and close where it is produced in a profitable way overall. Generally our bioenergy plant follow the global and local regulations and is based on the circular economy principles. Read more about the bioenergy plant here.

Biowaste producers

In the picture you find generally the most biowaste producers that will benefit from the FimusKraft Bioenergy plant. The challenges of different produces differ for example. Generally FimusKraft builds the final solution of the bioenergy plant according to the biowaste type and customer needs. With the Slogan “Electrifying Biowaste” (and with the lighting in the picture) we want to describe the significant advantages which you’ll receive with FKBP.

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