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Crop cultivation necessitates the use of water and fertilizersPumping the water for irrigation, greenhouse lightning and heating, as well as other devices and machines, all of these things require electricity. In fact the cost of electricity and fertilizers is a challenge. Transporting this biowaste to dump yards and gate fees are costly as well. The lack of space for the biowaste might be a challenge too.

Livestock Farming

Livestock farming faces the challenge of manure because of its smell and how to handle it cost effectively. The cost of transportation and gate fees will occur when carrying it to dump yards. In addition the biowaste sources may contain leftover fodder and grass silage. It is not good for climate to spread it to the fields as it is. It is important to take into account the environmental regulations and ecotrends in action too.

Food And Beverage Industry

The challenges of the food and beverage industry are the transportation costs and gate fees of the biowaste as well as the fast increasing electricity costs. The lack of space for the biowaste and smell might constitute other challenges.


Fisheries face the challenges of handling the biowaste cost effectively. Also the fish and seafood waste are smelly. The challenges are gate fees and the costs of bringing the biowaste to dump yards. Increasing energy prices are also a challenge. The lack of space for the biowaste might be a challenge too.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

FimusKraft Biogas Plant can be used also at wastewater treatment plants. As a challenge there might be increasing energy prices. The sewage sludge in the wastewater treatment plants contains e.g. toilet waste and other organic and biodegradable waste. FKBP system transforms this biowaste into bioenergy with an advanced fermentation process. Also it is important to take account the environmental regulations and ecotrends.

Other Biowaste Producers

Restaurants, households and grocery stores have several challenges in handling the biowaste. Fast increasing energy prices represent a challenge indeed. The biowaste is carried to dump yards and each store, restaurant and household pays the cost of transportation and gate fees. The lack of space, smell of the biowaste might be a challenge for households and grocery stores.