Bioenergy day 24.10.2022

FimusKraft had an honour to be one of the sponsors at the Bioenergy day in Tampere-talo 24.10.2022 which was organized by The Bioenergy Association of Finland. The event focused on energy aspects for the coming winters. The event included many fascinating presentations and seminar talks from the specialists of bioeconomy.

During the day there were many interesting discussions about future energy solutions, the politics of bioenergy, biofuel markets and different mass and energy flows of biorefineries. What an inspiring day!

FimusKraft´s modular design enables easy and inexpensive scaling up to meet the different needs. The system is able to process various types of biowaste to efficiently produce electricity, heat and fertilizer. Read more about our technology

Bioenergy day and seminar speeches
The event included many fascinating presentations.

Bioeconomy days 2022

FimusKraft participated in Bioeconomy days 2022, in 20 – 21 of September at Oulu Science Centre Tietomaa, Finland. This year the event focused on two themes: nutrient cycling and biogas production. Read more about the Finnish Biocycle and Biogas Association here

FimusKraft introduced the new advanced biotechnology in a business case presentation and as an exhibitor. FimusKraft had a pleasure on making new connections and networking during the event.

FimusKraft`s Biogas Plant (FKBP) system converts biowaste expenditures into incomes and reduces carbon footprint. In addition to bioenergy the system produces high-quality bio-fertilizers and valuable raw materials for pharma, food & beverage, and chemical industries. FimusKraft’s revolutionary technology makes biogas faster and with smaller investment costs than existing bio-fermenters.

Bioeconomy days 2022 FimusKraft stand
The stand of FimusKraft in the event.
FimusKraft gave a speech in Bioeconomy days 2022
FimusKraft giving a speech at business case presentation.

Sant Miquel Agricultural Fair – Eurofruit 2022

FimusKraft participated in Sant Miquel Agricultural Fair – Eurofruit 2022, in 29 of September – 1 of October at Lleida, Spain. Read more about the event here

FimusKraft introduced new revolutionary biotechnology for agricultural operators and strengthened its global networks. The FimusKraft Biogas Plant produces bioenergy, fertiliser and valuable raw materials from agricultural waste with a very profitable method using circular economy principles with low GHG-emissions.

Sant Miquel Agricultural Fair and stand of FimusKraft
The stand of FimusKraft at the fair.

PulPaper 2022

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FimusKraft is participating in PulPaper 2022, Leading international event for the forest industry, in 7–9 June 2022 at Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre. Welcome to FimusKraft Booth 6P40 to hear more. Read more about the event here

FimusKraft is introducing new revolutionary method at pulpaper, which can clean and use pulp mill zero waste from water basin. The process is producing energy, fertiliser and valuable raw materials from pulp mill zero waste with very profitable method using circular economy principles with zero or very low GHG-emissions.

FimusKraft in Pulpaper 2022 fair