Summary of an article in Menestyksen tekijät

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FimusKraft´s innovative technology was presented in Kauppalehti Optio Menestyksen tekijät appendix. Biowaste is a great source of bioenergy, biofuel and biofertilizer for example. Biowaste should not be considered as a waste and cost but as a source of energy and opportunity. The future biotechnology of FimusKraft has a positive carbon footprint. FimusKraft´s biogas plant consider biowaste as an income instead of a cost. Our modular design can be scaled up with the customer´s needs and every module produces 30 kW of electricity and 60 kW of heat generally. The modules have quick installation and there are no maintenance brakes in action. Our solution turns posible environmental pollution into a revenue stream by means of a circular economy.

FimusKraft´s microbiological and modern top technology has received the highly appreciated Seal of Excellence recognition from the European Innovation Council.

“We bring the processing of biowaste masses to a completely new level. The environment friendly bacteria used in our processes work for the benefit of the mother Earth,” highlights Koivunen.

FimusKraft also process with the zero fiber emissions and the heavy metals of the old pulp industry. Zero fiber can be found for example from the bottom of the lakes. Through our biotechnic process the zero fiber can be converted into a very special fertilizer, soil conditioner and bioenergy with a positive income and carbon footprint which is much more cost-effective and modern solution than traditional methods of lifting it up and burning it with much higher environmental emissions.

Kakkako jätettä? Ei, vaan oiva energian ja lämmön lähde. 10/2022. Kauppalehti Optio Menestyksen tekijät. Appendix page 4. Read the article here (in Finnish)

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FimusKraft in Menestyksen tekijät publication

Summary of an article in Energy publication of Helsingin sanomat newspaper

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Let´s increase the energy potential of biowaste to the next level! FimusKraft presented the new and innovative biotechnology process in Helsingin Sanomat newspaper´s Energy publication 10/22. The modern and innovative biotechnology of FimusKraft offers a cost-effective and fast process which handles the biowaste effectively into bioenergy and nutrient rich biofertilizer. The company´s technology is much modern than traditional methods of processing biowaste in anaerobic biofermentors. Almost every organic material can be utilized in biogas production. The biogas can be burned with a biogas turbine or a piston engine and further produce electricity and heat via a generator. Biomethane is usually produced in the biogas production process, but it is also possible to produce biohydrogen in the same process. Altogether the rest of the gas is basically carbon dioxide.

Details of the solution

The fermentation process converts the biowaste into very nutrient rich mass which has a high nitrate content. For further use the valuable raw materials can be utilized in different industry sectors. As a side product there is produced biofertilizer both in liquid and solid form which can be utilized in cultivation and food production. The costs of transport are low when the FimusKraft biogas plant is located near the place where the biowaste come from. Therefore the logistics is logic too.

“One person’s trash is another one´s treasure and we respect waste as a raw material. The power of change like ours is needed to take care of a common cause. Our goal is to electrify the biowaste scene,” decides Seppälä in the Energy publication.

Everyone who uses organic products in their industry will benefit from the biogas plant facility. FimusKraft seeks and welcomes new customers for example from the fields of agriculture, food and beverage industry and livestock farming which have as homogenic biomass as possible. The consistent quality of biomass is good for the bioenergy production and to avoid wasting biowaste.

Biojätteen energiapotentiaali valjastetaan hyötykäyttöön. 12.10.2022. HS-Energialiite. Publication, page 6. Read the article here (in Finnish)

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FimusKraft in Energy publication

Summary of an article in Lahti Business Region

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FimusKraft presented a solution for the global biowaste problem in Lahti Business Region article. FimusKraft is developing a biogas plant which is a module based solution. The company thinks that the most fertile ground for the business is in Lahti, Finland which is a pioneering city in environmental issues. The company cosideres Lahti as a great city to be located by the visibility and development networks brought by the European Green Capital 2021, effective cooperation with LUT University and LAB University of Applied Sciences, and the area’s rich food, beverage and wood industries, as well as agriculture, which produce a lot of biowaste overall.

Details of the solution

FimusKraft’s biogas plant received the Seal of Excellence from the EU, as well as EUR 5.9 million in support for product development and commercialization of the biogas plant.

The FimusKraft biogas plant is a significant solution to the global waste and energy problem. Where there are people, animals, agriculture and industry, a lot of biowaste is generated, which is harnessed for beneficial use by the solution developed by FimusKraft.

“Besides, they can be made better. Our solution produces more biogas and with less investment than any other one. The EU consultants stated that our solution is the best in Europe. We believe that it is the best in the whole world,” Koivunen states.

The business is going strong. The sales negotiations are already taking place for deals worth several million euros around the world. The company’s potential customers include livestock farmers, wastewater treatment plants, slaughterhouses, the food industry, pulp mills, and fruit and vegetable growers. FimusKraft is looking for new customers all the time so feel free to get in touch with us anytime!

FimusKraft kehittää kontteihin sijoi­tet­tavissa olevaa bio­kaa­su­laitosta – ensimmäinen tulossa Lahteen. 16.6.2022. Lahti Business Region. Read the article here (in Finnish)

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FimusKraft in Lahti Business Region article