Seal of Excellence

FimusKraft Oy, a cleantech start-up company based in Finland, has been awarded the “Seal of Excellence” certification by the European Commission for its innovative biotechnological method to treat and valorize biowaste. The company’s revolutionary and cost-effective biogas plant technology, FimusKraft Biogas Plant (FKBP), has been recognized as a high-quality project proposal in a highly competitive evaluation process by an international panel of independent experts.

The “Seal of Excellence” certification is a highly appreciated recognition given by the European Commission to companies that have submitted high-quality proposals for Horizon 2020, the EU Programme for research and innovation 2014-2020.

FimusKraft’s FKBP technology is a horizontal biogas plant that can treat various types of biowaste, including municipal solid waste, food waste, and agricultural waste. The technology is designed to be cost-effective, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly. It can produce renewable energy in the form of biogas and biofertilizers that can be used in agriculture.

The recognition of FimusKraft’s innovative technology by the European Commission is a testament to the company’s commitment to sustainability and circular economy.