Electrifying Biowaste

FimusKraft is a cleantech start-up company working in the areas of biotechnology and circular economy. Our products reduce or eliminate carbon footprints. We also produce bioenergy and circular economy raw materials from various kinds of biowaste sources. FimusKraft is the European Innovation Committee’s “Seal of Excellence” company.

FimusKraft is dedicated in developing and promoting innovative biowaste based solutions and technologies worldwide. We deeply believe that environmentally sustainable products and solutions can also be efficient and economical. “Electrifying Biowaste” and “Poop is not a waste, it’s a source of energy” are two slogans that describe our passion generally.

FimusKraft Limited is one of the Finnish Cleantech Cluster company

FimusKraft Limited belongs to the Finnish Cleantech Cluster of companies.

Our vision is to be recognized globally as a leading provider for efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions for bioenergy and biowaste treatment in circular economy. We aim also to be at the front wave in the worldwide issue concerning the global biowaste handling. And also turning it from waste to source of energy and other profitable products. FimusKraft biogas company aspires to be a forerunner of the global issue of biowaste handling, management, and conversion from waste to a source of energy and other profitable products.

We are constantly working on new innovations in order to develop products that are optimal for the needs of our customers. Our goal is to provide our customers with cost-effective solutions, quality enhancement, and true added value. We have a strong global network and are eager to co-operate with suitable and credible actors in the market.