About FimusKraft

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About FimusKraft Ltd – Beyond Biogas

FimusKraft is a cleantech start-up company working in the areas of biotechnology and circular economy. Our products reduce or eliminate carbon footprints. We also produce bioenergy and circular economy raw materials from various kinds of biowaste sources. FimusKraft is the European Innovation Committee’s “Seal of Excellence” company.

FimusKraft is dedicated in developing and promoting innovative biowaste based solutions and technologies worldwide. We deeply believe that environmentally sustainable products and solutions can also be efficient and economical. “Electrifying Biowaste” and “Beyond Biogas” are two slogans that describe our passion generally.

We See Our Values as a Responsible Way To Thrive In Our Market!

FimusKraft considers several important values in its action. Read our values below.

Reliability. We want to keep our promises as well as stay in the given timetables. We want to work with companies and people who understand what a value is in a word of honour.

Client orientation. Our clients are in our heart. We want to improve our clients performance and understand what drivers do they have in action. 

Technology leadership. We want to improve and develop continually our products in process as well as innovate new processes for our clients to benefit from.

Personnel as a core asset. Our staff is well organized and have a high understanding of the industry where we are working on. We keep updating personnel by continuos training and educating. Therefore the competence and tolerance among human resource stay on a good level. We have humans working for us.