Fisheries face the challenges of handling the biowaste cost effectively. Also the fish and seafood waste are smelly. The challenges are gate fees and the costs of bringing the biowaste to dump yards. Increasing energy prices are also a challenge. The lack of space for the biowaste might be a challenge too.


Fish and other seafood waste can also be used as raw material for FimusKraft biogas plant. Make money with the residues and surplus material of your biomass!

What can FimusKraft Bioenergy Plant (FKBP) offer you?

In the area of the fishing industry there are typically several fisheries. If the fisheries are small, they could collect the fish waste in one place to get enough biowaste for fermentation process. Each module of FKBP system produces minimum 30 kW electricity, which can be used to feed in the grid with bio-electricity. The need of electricity for charging the machines, lighting and running the processes can be filled with this bioenergy. Generally each module produces minimum 60 kW heat, which can be used in processes and warming the buildings.

Fermentation process changes the biowaste sources to nutrient rich bio-fertilizer, high in nitrogen and phosphorus. Further processing after fermentation produces high quality bio-fertilizer both solid and liquid form. This bio-fertilizer can be sold to farmers.

Profit from your biowaste

The dedicated sea food bio-waste depending on the content can be source of valuable raw materials for pharma, F&B and chemical industries. On request FimusKraft will conduct the testing, and if results are positive, the development of these materials will be included to the FKBP system. Selling this side product increase the profitability of the company and receive an extra income for sure. With FKBP system you can have electiricity and heating for your facilities.

When company handles the biowaste locally, they save the transportation costs and avoid gate fees. It’s also environment friendly way to handle the waste where it’s made. Also you will reduce the carbon footprint and GHG emissions. All in all FKBP system is an environmental friendly way to handle the waste.