households and grocery stores are a source of biowaste

Restaurants, households and grocery stores are producing many different kind of biowaste. For example surplus materials and residues from fruits, vegetables and animal-based residues and spoiled food. This biowaste is carried to dump yards and each store, restaurant and household has the cost of transportation and gate fees of the biowaste. The lack of space for the biowaste might be a challenge too for households and grocery stores. Make money with the residues and surplus material of your biomass!

If the several restaurants and grocery stores in a shopping mall collects the biowaste together, the shopping mall would be able to use the produced bioenergy for lightning and warming with. Restaurants and households and thirdly grocery stores can combine the FKBP system together too.

Details of the solution

Generally each module produces minimum 30 kW electricity and minimum 60 kW heat. The produced bioenergy could be utilized for lightning the buildings, general usage and charging of machines and devices.

Big apartment buildings and compact residential areas could as well have one bigger biowaste collection point to get enough material for the bio-fermentation process.

Fermentation process is changing the biowaste sources to nutrient rich greenhouse gas-free bio-fertilizer. Further processing after fermentation produces high quality bio-fertilizer both solid and liquid. The investor of the system can get some money by selling this side product to farmers for example.

When the FKBP handles the biowaste locally, no transportation to dump yard is needed. Also the transportation cost and gate fees will occur. It’s also important for environment that the waste is handled where it’s made!

Also, you will reduce the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. As advantage the added brand value will be a great opportunity for your company and to strenghten the green energy aspects too.  All in all FKBP system is an environmental friendly way to handle the waste.