Beyond biogas

With a controlled, horizontal fermentation process, biogas production can be increased by 15-20% and the generation of hydrogen sulfide can be almost completely eliminated. With an efficient production process, the modular container-assembled plant fits up to 50% smaller space than traditional biogas plants and does not require expensive concrete foundations. In addition to high-quality biogas and traditional electricity and heat, the plant can also produce concentrated fertiliser and raw materials for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Powerful and compact plant

The fully automated FimusKraft Bioenergy Plant (FKBP) is a new type of horizontal biofermenter that can convert biowaste into energy, fertilizers and valuable raw materials.

The FKBP biofermenter operates according to FIFO (First in, first out) principle. This means that the passage of biogas-producing material through the process can be precisely controlled. A controlled process enables, for example, the optimisation of temperature and residence times to suit each biowaste so that the full gas potential of the feedstock is utilised.

The controlled fermentation process of the plant increases gas production by 15-20% and almost completely eliminates the generation of hydrogen sulfide, which also reduces odor problems. The result of the process is biogas with a biomethane content of up to 70%.

Compared to traditional solutions, the residence time offered by FKBP is up to 65% shorter and the plant can be built smaller without compromising capacity.  This is a revolutionary difference compared to traditional plants, whose residence times should often be extended to avoid methane emissions from the processed biomass.  

The agitator solution of the FKBP biofermenter has been patented and several other patents related to technical solutions have been applied for.

FimusKraft has received “Seal of Excellence” of the European Innovation Council. The Seal of Excellence is a quality label awarded to innovative projects under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme.

Faster, more flexible and cheaper

The modular containerized structure eliminates the need for concrete structures and a levelled ballast field is sufficient as the foundation of the plant, for example. This significantly reduces investment costs and speeds up plant erection time to a fraction compared to traditional solutions.

FimusKraft is presenting the FKBP plant solution at the KoneAgria trade fair in Tampere on 12.-14.10.2023.

The modular container-based design allows the plant to be flexibly expanded and even moved from one place to another at relatively low cost. There is a huge amount of optional units available for the plant:

  • CHP unit for electricity and heat production
  • Biogas purification and pressurization for grid connection or for transport use
  • Equipment for increasing the solids content of feedstocks
  • Liquid fertilizer enrichment unit (N,P,K)
  • Wastewater treatment unit
  • Microbiological booster unit (MBU) for the production of hydrogen and raw materials for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries

Almost any type of biowaste generated in agriculture, the food industry and households can be used as feedstock. Biomass that eutrophicates waterways, fibre waste from the forest industry and municipal wastewater can also be utilised. The solids content in feeds can be up to 30%.

FKBP enables efficient and profitable utilization of biowaste both dezentral at farm level and centrally in larger units.