Wastewater treatment plants for biogas production

FimusKraft Biogas Plant can be used also at wastewater treatment plants. The sewage sludge in the wastewater treatment plants contains e.g. toilet waste and other organic and biodegradable waste. FKBP system transforms this biowaste into bioenergy with an advanced fermentation process.

Fermentation process is changing the biowaste sources to nutrient rich bio-fertilizer. Further processing after fermentation produces high quality bio-fertilizer both solid and liquid form. The investor of the system can get some money by selling this side product to farmers.

Generally each module of FKBP produces minimum 30 kW electricity and minimum 60 kW heat. These can be utilized in wastewater treatment plant efficiently and cost-effectively.

When the FKBP handles the sewage sludge, the seas will be cleaner in the future and the carbon footprint of the plant will be lower with minimized greenhouse gas-emissions. As advantage you will receive the added brand value will be a great opportunity for your company and to strenghten the green energy aspects too. All in all the FKBP system is an environmental friendly way to handle the waste.