Why is FimusKraft Biogas Plant (FKBP) so effective?

FimusKraft has developed the FimusKraft Biogas Plant (FKBP), an innovative and game-changing technology that allows for cost-effective valorization of biowaste into electricity, heat and organic fertilizer through a revolutionary 3-step bio-fermentation process.

Currently anaerobic digestion, AD is the primary method of biogas production. Overall, competing biogas systems employ one large, vertical and common fermenter tank where all different biowaste is processed with high inefficiencies in terms of “stay time” of the feedstock in the fermenter. The FKBP produces biogas faster than anaerobic digestion, AD which is still the most used method to produce biogas from biowaste. As well the carbon footprint is lower.

The FKBP combines biogas fermentation with an innovative biowaste pre-handling process. This allows to obtain biogas with even 30-50 % higher energetic efficiency. Generally higher methane content, methane content 90 % or even more is possible with the additional waste pre-handling device. Read more about the benefits of FKBP here

The system is able to process various types of biowaste to efficiently produce electricity, heat and fertilizer. It is also possible to enlarge and integrate the system to micro-bio-refinery in order to produce valuable raw materials for pharmaceutical, chemical or food and beverage industries.

FKBP preserves both the environment and your money by converting your biowaste into energy (W2E)!

Technical details of the FKBP

The FKBP system is totally modular and can easily be enlarged if/when waste amounts are increasing. Also it is possible to add later on more process steps to produce valuable raw materials in addition of bioenergy and fertilisers. The fermentation tanks are mounted horizontally and particularly they are following the FIFO principle. Total Mixing Concept (TMC) enables maximum slurry mixing and thereby flexibility to process different bio-wastes and combinations of biowaste, to improve optimization generally. The design of the bioenergy plant depends on the volume of the biowaste altogether. Fermenter volume of the small plant is around 200 – 600 m3. In large plants the fermenter volume is around 1500 – 2500 m3.

Methane-rich biogas is pumped via special pipes from the gas inventory container into the Energy Development Center, which is located at separate container with a Control Room. Additionally the bio-fermentation system is operated and controlled from the Control Room.

FimusKraft calculates the needed system size according to the customer information on the biomass content and volume. Tests can be made of the biomass to make more accurate calculation on the expected methane content. All the equipment and systems are delivered to and installation made with testing and trial runs at customer site. Training in operation and maintenance with system documentation belongs to delivery.

First patents already in pipeline and granted

EIC and Technology

Our system has got its first patents and several field testing has made. Specifically our solution has gained a highly respected “Seal of Excellence” from European Innovation Committee.